The first stage of SmartX programme is to build a community with all those who count for the future of European smart textiles.

Putting the puzzle pieces of the emerging smart textiles multidisciplinary value chain together

The key ambition os SmartX is to shape and establish the industrial value chains that are needed to realize industrial manufacturing of smart textiles and to set up the ecosystem for full commercial exploitation. A very simplified value chain has already been composed, see sketch below. It starts from the currently existing but separated value chains for IoT/Electronics and for textiles. The key missing ‘nodes’ are indicated. It is the ambition of SmartX to address these missing nodes and to map in more detail the needs and gaps to build a comprehensive framework. The Trailblazer projects will then build first examples of the parts that need ‘to emerge’.

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SmartX open collaboration platform and the cross-sectoral and cross-cultural matchmaking will also help to create a common language, understanding and perception. It will be a platform to know about the needs, possibilities and limits of the collaborating sectors but also of wider stakeholders (eg data security,standardisation), to simplify the initiation of joint innovation. One key mechanism is networking of cluster organisations, which traditional have a broader view oftechnical and economic aspects, and often know how to ‘translate’ between different sectors.

Beyond SmartX as a Programme:

SmartX coordinator is willing to maintain this platform and eco-system beyond the project. ETP is currently already running an open collaboration space but exclusively for within the textile sector. This proved very successful as shown by the several European projects that result from this system that combines an online community with physical brokerage events. The SmartX platform will be complementary to this. The goal is to extend this platform with further clusters and ETPs, a logical match would be the design-based consumer goods sector, e.g. footwear, furniture, sport and outdoor activities, accessories, home textiles. This will be further developed for the 2nd stage, after 2021.