The second Smartx Call for funding will open on June 15, 2020. You can find in the Guide for Applicants all information about the eligibility and selection criteria, the selection process and details on how coaches will help candidates to submit a clear and valid Application.

If you wish to apply for SmartX support, the initial step is to fill an Expression an Interest, so that a dedicated coach will get in touch and start helping you.

Then, in order to file an Application you will have to sign and/or complete the documents below. Please download them and complete them at your convenience, then check with your coach that everything is in order. You will then receive a link to upload all the requested documents onto a restricted-access page dedicated to your project.
Please note that for Applications involving several partners, EACH OF THEM has to submit one Declaration on Honour and one Conflict of Interest Declaration.

  • The Technical Application Form helps Applicants describe their project objectives, targets and what they expect from SmartX support
  • The Powerpoint presentation Guidelines will help you to present projects in a concise way to allow the Selection Committee members to understand them with most clarity and accuracy
  • The Declaration of Honour is a legal mandatory document to certify all Applicants meet the eligibility criteria and none of the excluding ones 
  • The Conflict of Interest declaration intends to prevent any possible conflict of interest from arising between any Applicant and any SmartX partner coach, as well as any Selection Committee member. The final document will be uploaded as soon as the 12th and last member is confirmed. It will enable each project to be viewed or processed only by SmartX partners and Selection Committee members who are not in a situation to cause potential conflict of interest with neither the Applicant nor the applying project.

The short video webinar (here above) is available to make sure all candidates can fill in the forms with maximum ease.

We remain anyway at everyone’s disposal in case of questions :

The closing date for sending us an Expression of Interest is September 4, 2020.


Important note: We are pleased to inform our Community that UK applicants will be eligible to receive SmartX funding if the contract regulating their relationships with the SmartX programme – in the case of a successful selection – is signed before 31st December 2020.