Call for smart textile experts for a coaching project

Call for smart textile experts for a coaching project

SmartX is now financing an additional stage of mentoring and searches coaches.

SmartX Europe aims to boost smart textile innovation to develop an end-to-end smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe and help drive promising prototypes faster to market.

Building a strong, sustainable community is the underlying long-term objective of the programme – to foster interaction and collaboration within the European smart textile industry.

The core activity of SmartX has been to fund a portfolio of innovative trailblazer projects, which will pioneer one or more stages of the novel smart textiles value chain. [View our Funded Projects]

Through a careful selection process, which began with over 300 expressions of interest, about 114 projects submitted a full proposal and 25 of them were selected for SmartX support. Among those projects that did not make it to the funding stage, there were a number of promising proposals. However, often due to the lack of operational capacity, they were not selected.  

The SmartX coaching programme

SmartX now wants to offer 12 of the most promising projects an extra coaching programme to support them in improving their operational capacity. Therefore, we are looking for expert coaches to support those cooperative projects in the SmartX community and help move their development forward. In order to support them, we will offer up to 15 hours of individual coaching on topics related to their main operational challenges.  

SmartX Europe

We are looking for smart textile experts to support promising projects in the SmartX Community

Smart textile experts needed

We are looking for experts in one or more of the following fields:

  • Textile innovation, organisation, management and market trends
  • Textile innovation knowledge (yarn construction and functionalities, fabric manufacturing, fabric functionalisation and textile challenges)  
  • IoT expertise (electronics, telecom & connectivity, computing, IoT/ electronic challenges) 
  • Product design and integration. 

Timeline and remuneration

Candidates must be able to provide individual coaching to different SMEs for the duration of four months (October-February), min. 3 hours and max. 15 hours per project mentored. Most of this individual coaching will take place online and will be organised by SmartX partners.

We offer an hourly rate of 100€ per hour of individual coaching. 

How to apply

If you are interested, please apply here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to The call will remain open until September 15, 2021.