Get PPEs into the market: conformity and regulatory challenges [webinar]
July 15, 2020

Get PPEs into the market: conformity and regulatory challenges [webinar]


July 15 - 05:30 pm


July 16 - 06:30 pm

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Our first webinar in a series of interactive online events focused on the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) conformity and regulatory compliance.

After an introduction by Ana Ribeiro from SmartX partner Citeve, event participants heard two expert presentations:

  • Henk Vanhoutte (Secretary General of the European Safety Federation) addressed the essential steps in the EU conformity assessment of innovative PPEs.
  • Guido Van Duren (Director, Regulatory Affairs EMEA at Ansell) shared the main challenges for the industry in terms of the assessment of PPE compliance.


Henk Vanhoutte is the secretary general of the European Safety Federation, the organisation representing PPE suppliers on the European level. He has been involved in the PPE sector for over 25 years. He supports several initiatives on innovative PPE, as well as the legislative, conformity assessment, and standardisation aspects.

Guido van Duren is the director of Regulatory affairs of Ansell, a world-leading manufacturer of protective and medical gloves as well as chemical garments. With 30 years of experience in the PPE world, he is also active in various European and national PPE associations, serving as President-Elect of the European Safety Federation and President of the Belgian PPE Federation, Febelsafe. He is also very active as an expert member in the PPE standardization activities such as CEN/TC162/WG8 on hand protection, IEC-CENELEC/TC78/WG15 on electricians’ gloves and within ISO TC94 SC13 WG8 on hand protection.

PPE webinar agenda

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Online meetings are a powerful tool, and we would like to take advantage of all the features available to us. For this reason, we are sharing a list of simple rules for everyone to follow, which will help make this event efficient, productive, and successful.

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  1. Juan Opitz-Silva

    15 July 2020 at 14 h 26 min

    Dear Smartx-Europe team

    I cannot access my account for the webinar today. “Get PPEs into the market: conformity and regulatory challenges [webinar]”

    Can I have any assistance?

    Best regards

    Juan Opitz-Silva

    • Hello SmartX

      16 July 2020 at 11 h 31 min

      Hello Juan, we’re sorry you had problems accessing the webinar. The recording will be available on our platform soon. If you have any questions, please email us.

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