Recap: Smart textiles through IoT technologies
January 14, 2020 Lille

Recap: Smart textiles through IoT technologies


January 14


01:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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France, workshop


CITC, EuraMaterials, Centexbel, DSP


CITC - Building/Bâtiment INRIA

172 avenue de Bretagne

Lille, France, 59000

Our first workshop of 2020, “Smart textiles through IoT technologies,” was held in Lille and attracted over 40 industry professionals from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the UK. Attendees included representatives from SMEs, startups, research universities, and members of the press. Several large companies were also in attendance, interested in exploring ways to be involved in the SmartX project, even if they are too big to apply for funding.

The workshop aimed to give an overview of the possibilities offered by IoT technologies for the textile industry through testimonies and feedback from solution providers.

The well-received event featured a presentation from SmartX partner CITC about its role in the European projects landscape, two case studies (“How to be supported by an IoT design office?” by Rudy Houque from BLUEGRioT, “Printed Electronics for printer converter and examples of products of electroluminescence and metapaper” by Fanny Roumet from CTP), and two more presentations focused on smart textile innovation (“How to develop a smart textile project?” by IoT expert and consultant Etienne Fradin-Beaugerie, and “Eco Design, Life cycle of smart textile” by CD2E‘s Sébastien Roger).

Many participants were very pleased to meet SmartX partners and participate in the networking session. Several SMEs present submitted an Expression of Interest, whereas those from the IoT field were glad to explore smart textile opportunities 

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  1. Ismat Ara Badhon

    26 November 2019 at 14 h 22 min

    Hallo dear concerned person,

    I have booked the ticket for this workshop via eventbrite and on the ticket the date of the workshop is 5th December but here is 9th January. And everything will be in English, right?

    Ismat Ara Badhon

    • Hello SmartX

      26 November 2019 at 14 h 31 min

      Hello Ismat and thank you for the message. We were forced to postpone the event until January due to the planned transportation strike in France on Dec. 5 and possibly longer. As for the language of the workshop, we will update the listing once all speakers are confirmed.

      • Ismat Ara Badhon

        26 November 2019 at 15 h 14 min

        Thank you so much for your quick response. I am eagerly looking forward to attending the programme. Hope you will update the details soon so that the participants can book transport tickets conveniently.

        Kind regards

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