Recap: SmartX Regional Workshop at Science Park Borås
November 26, 2019 Borås, Sweden

Recap: SmartX Regional Workshop at Science Park Borås


November 26


01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

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Sweden, workshop


University of Borås


Textile Fashion Center, Do-tank Center

Skaraborgsvägen 3A

Borås, Sweden

On the 26th November, SmartX landed in Boras, Sweden, for a regional workshop hosted by Smart Textiles.

The seminar featured great interactions between speakers and the highly involved public, creating an open atmosphere. Most of the workshop participants are future applicants of our SmartX call, which opens on the 1st of December.

The workshop was moderated by our Smart Textiles partner Marie Widen, who did a brilliant job. Behind the scenes we had Lena-Marie Vikingsdotter Jensen and Linda Nydén working hard to get the best results. Even the smallest details were accounted for.

The event featured a brief summary of the SmartX programme, provided by our coordinator Judith Bosch, and was followed by presentations from Susanne Nejderås and Nils-Krister Persson. Susan highlighted smart textiles examples and focused on opportunities of smart textile developments in Silicon Valley, while Nils-Krister focused his presentation on running smart textiles developments and projects involving the University of Borås, Science Park Borås, and BoråsINK.

After the coffee break, another new activity followed. We were divided into 3 tables, where we found questions form for SMEs. Thanks to their sincerity in the replies, the seminar developed into a discussion that indicated the need for textiles projects that combine different sectors and are focused on the manufacturing value chain, like SmartX. Throughout, this general discussion the calls were presented by Marie and Linda.

We received valuable insights from organizers, speakers and participants, and positive feedback from all sides. We are certain that the event will result in exciting new projects!

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