Smart Textiles Value Chain: A Roadmap

SmartX Europe has performed a detailed analysis of the multidisciplinary smart textiles value chain and identified gaps in the existing framework. The resulting cross-sectoral map provides an overview of the complex value chain, identifies challenges facing the industry, and lists the issues that need to be addressed in order to successfully bring smart textile products […]

Presentation: Innovation Opportunities for Flexible Electronics & Textiles

The presentation by SmartX Project Coordinator Lutz Walter (Textile ETP) was given on March 5, 2021 during SmartEEs Matchmaking Fridays. It was the second event in a series of online sessions focused on developing business opportunities in flexible and wearable electronics, hosted by SmartX partner DSP Valley (BE/NL), Minalogic (FR), and OES (GER). In the […]

Clusters and Innovation in Europe (ETP 2019)

Clusters are important instruments for the promotion of innovation. They are ‘industry eco- systems’ providing a favourable business environment for experimenting with new business solutions. Thus, they play an important role as catalysts for structural change. Clusters play an important role in this process as they manage their clusters’ collaboration activities and provide customized business […]