Project Description

Close’n’cool is a smart device that provides car safety for young children during trips by alerting parents or caretakers to dangerous conditions, such as overheating.

Safety of children first: How Close'n'Cool works

Close'n'Cool features a large fabric child seat cover, designed to fit snugly over all existing car seats. The cover combines tufted organic cotton with two fabric sensors: a presence sensor located in the seating area to detect an improperly seated child or a child accidentally left in the vehicle, and a temperature sensor located in the back area to detect the general comfort level of the child.

Close'n'Cool is the first all-fabric, smart textile-enabled, anti-abandon system while going a step further. Its ability to detect temperature in the vicinity of the child’s body allows it to alert parents of hyperthermia or excessive sweating of the child during long car trips - either in conjunction with or unrelated to abandonment in the car. The use of knitted textile sensors guarantees conformability to adapt to all shapes of car seats and a higher resistance to fatigue, comfort, and breathability.
How Close'n'Cool works

The device features an organic cotton child seat cover with built-in presence and temperature sensors.

Close'n'Cool for car seats

Close'n'Cool adapts to all shapes of car seats, providing comfort, breathability, and car safety for children.

Close'n'Cool uses no batteries, since the power comes from the standard 12v cigarette lighter socket of the car. It alerts parents in two different ways: thanks to a main unit equipped with LEDs, plus a speaker that ensures visual and acoustic alarms, and also through a dedicated app.
Close'n'Cool app

Close'n'Cool comes with a dedicated app for parents and caretakers.

Development and SmartX support

With the support of SmartX, the goal is to optimize the integration of the smart fabric sensors, in order to design a product that is able to enter different markets and raise awareness of more and more families about the issue of children’s safety in the car. So far, SmartX funding has helped in modifying the textile machine to produce semi-finished temperature sensors.

With SmartX support, Knitronix has been able to modify their textile machine to produce semi-finished temperature sensors.

Meet the team

Close’n’cool is developed by two Italian companies, Knitronix and Remmy. Knitronix Srl is a start-up based in Florence, producer of textile components capable of sensing pressure, temperature, and the presence of liquids. Remmy Srl is an SME based in Bologna. The company develops and markets child ”anti-abandonment” devices. It won the European Commission’s Product Safety Award in 2019.

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