Project Description

iSoftSleep4.0 is a smart heating blanket with embedded electronic components, capable of actively and autonomously controlling the temperature according to the needs of the user in three different and independent areas. This ensures the optimal compromise between thermal insulation, breathability, flexibility, and lightness of the structure.

iSoftSleep4.0: Smart Heating Blanket

iSoftSleep4.0 is a smart heating blanket with electronic components, capable of controlling the temperature based on user needs.

How iSoftSleep4.0 works

iSoftsleep 4.0 responds to the user’s needs in an integrative way, allowing to overcome the current bottlenecks of commercial products in terms of user safety and autonomy, the independence of heating level in relation to the bed’s microclimate conditions, product energy efficiency, and comfort.

The main features of iSoftsleep 4.0 are:

  • An active heating system segmented into three thermal areas with independent, autonomous, and customised heating control in each area (capacitive, temperature and humidity sensors), improving thermal comfort and system energy efficiency;
  • Miniaturized electronic components to offer a comfortable user experience;
  • A short circuit protection system (sound and light alarms) to improve safety;
  • Allows checking the user presence in order to turn the heating on or off, improving energy efficiency;
  • Made with a lightweight woven fabric, in which heating yarns and electronic components are imperceptible to touch, improving comfort;
  • Ergonomically-adapted control;
  • An optimized UI, easy to use for anyone. 

iSoftSleep4.0: Smart Heating Blanket

Future development will focus on improving the blanket's usability, user friendliness and ease of cleaning, while reducing production costs.

Development and SmartX support

The project development will continue to be focused on optimising the product: improving its usability, user friendliness and ease of cleaning, while reducing production costs. SmartX support will enable the optimisation of the current version of the product, allowing it to achieve a TRL8. This optimization will be focused on the miniaturization of electronic components, washability, and the reduction of production costs. Recent developments in electronics will allow the SME to provide better solutions: cheaper, lighter, more efficient, and safer than before. Another goal is obtaining a CE marking certification. 

Meet the team

Têxteis Penedo (TP) from Portugal has been at the forefront of household textiles in Jacquard since 1975. TP has modern manufacturing facilities that give it the production flexibility for its household, hotel and decoration textile products, one of its main competitive advantages.

The TP team is very active in R&D project management and implementation, with a particular focus on smart textiles development, upscaling, and industrialization. Moreover, the company works closely with CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, which offers a strong know-how of the development and integration of electronic components.

Connect with Têxteis Penedo and CeNTI in our member community (login required).


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