Project Description

Bodee and Howdy Baby by ComfTech are a textile-based baby monitoring system for hospital and domestic use, respectively. HOWDY BABY will allow for a non-invasive and highly comfortable monitoring of vital parameters in hospital, for all newborns during bonding with their moms. BODEE will allow new parents to further enjoy this comfortable monitoring when they come back home with their babies, enhancing their “peace of mind”.

How Howdy Baby & Bodee work

The Howdy Baby system, consisting of an electronic unit, a sensorised belt and an app, makes post-birth monitoring of the newborn baby comfortable in the hospital during mother-child bonding. The system supports nurses and doctors in newborn monitoring, allowing them to spend more time with new parents. Howdy Baby detects the heart rate, real-time ECG, breathing frequency, and position of the body.
HOWDY BABY wearable monitoring system

HOWDY BABY wearable monitoring system for hospital use

Bodee is the product line designed for new parents and their baby. Bodee aims to accompany the growth of newborns up to their first year, monitoring their condition non-invasively and ensuring that they are safe during the day. Bodee consists of a sensorised bodysuit, a device, and an app that displays the data collected. The patented ComfTech textile sensor technology ensures maximum softness on the baby's skin. Bodee Breath detects the baby’s breathing, activity level, position of the baby, and noises around.
BODEE wearable monitoring system

BODEE wearable monitoring system for home use

Project development & SmartX support

Within the project a clinical trial is planned, which includes the extended use of an innovative textile-based monitoring system in both clinical and home environments. SmartX support is mainly intended to provide the opportunity of an international context for testing Comftech monitoring systems. The international experimentation envisaged by this project represents a chance to enhance scaling up, to introduce ComfTech systems into the biomedical and homecare market, driving dissemination all over Europe. This means building a good reputation and also preparing for the US and other markets. Committed to sustainability, ComfTech has embarked on the path to being certified as a B Corporation.
BODEE pruduction

BODEE pruduction: everything at ComfTech is Made in Italy

Meet the team

The project is carried out by ComfTech from Italy, in partnership with UNESSA and the CHU UCL hospital in Belgium. ComfTech started in 2010 from a project aimed to improve the quality of life of premature babies in neonatal ICU. Today their textile sensors have a wide range of use cases for all ages. From research and prototyping to smart textile production and electronic components, everything is made in Italy. The company consists of a multidisciplinary team and is led by CEO and Co-founder Alessia Moltani.
Alessia Moltani ComfTech

Alessia Moltani, CEO and Co-founder of ComfTech

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