Project Description

MatScale aims to implement a fully textile sensor system for smart mattresses to help track positioning and movement data, thereby being able to improve sleep in a sustainable way.

How MatScale works

By combining state-of-the-art sensor technologies with resistive and conductive inks, a fully textile high-precision sensor is installed in mattresses, enabling a sensor resolution much higher than existing technologies, while staying breathable and comfortable at the same time. This technology allows for an accurate and reliable gathering of movement and positioning data, which can then be used to improve and optimize sleep.
MatScale: Sensor System for Smart Mattresses

MatScale is fully textile sensor system implemented in a smart mattress.

A textile pressure sensor implemented into a mattress aims to analyze movements and sleeping positions. The prototype shown in the picture above represents the current status. The combination of both project partners’ expertise, their strong cooperation, and SmartX’s funding will enable continuous improvements and refinements of the sensor system.

Development and SmartX support

With the support of SmartX, the consortium aims to bring the technology to the next stage. This includes, in particular, completion of the required hardware and software solutions, including AI solutions, identification and scaling of suitable production processes, and verification of long-term stability through various test procedures. Building on the basis of this project, various other features are to be integrated in the near future in the mission to improve sleep for everyone and start the technological sleep revolution.
MatScale: testing of ink properties

Testing of the inks’ properties

Meet the team

The Matscale project is carried out as a cooperation between Germany-based Incoretex, who builds the necessary sensor electronics, software solutions and AI, and Farbwerke Herkula from Belgium, who develops resistive and conductive inks. Their joint objective is the creation of a fully textile sensor.
Team Incoretex

Team Incoretex

Team Herkula

Team Herkula

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