Project Description

Airbag Jeans aims to protect against the majority of motorcycle injuries, which occur to the lower body.

How the Motorcycle Airbag Jeans work

The pants have airbags concealed inside the legs. The rider tethers the jeans to their bike and if they fall, the airbags will deploy and fill up with compressed air, reducing the impact on the lower body. The airbags can be deflated, refilled with air, and used again. 

Future development of Airbag Jeans

The project is in the initial planning phase and the consortium has begun working on their contributing solutions for the project. The goal is to upgrade the mechanical airbag trigger to a sensor-enabled system. It will eliminate the need of straps connecting the jeans to the motorcycle and offer the rider freedom of movement.

Meet the team

Airbag Jeans is a joint project by four SMEs: Airbag Inside, Avilar, Detecht Technologies (all from Sweden), and Monlid from Italy, together known as the A.D.A.M. Consortium.
Airbag Jeans development team

Airbag Jeans is a joint project by four European SMEs: Airbag Inside, Avilar, Detecht Technologies (all from Sweden), and Monlid from Italy.

The founder and CEO of Airbag Inside Moses Shahrivar has an history of developing motorcycle jeans with Harley-Davidson Sweden. A pioneer within the field of protective motorcycle jeans, he has received several design and entrepreneurship awards. Listen to Moses describe his journey:

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