Project Description

The goal of the SAMBASOFT back pain monitoring project is to develop a lightweight and wearable device to track spinal movement in real time. As low back pain is largely spread worldwide, SAMBASOFT aims to prevent this pathology by measuring the proper and improper positioning of the spine for several days. This solution can help office workers behind a computer or manual workers who handle heavy loads.

The project is developed by three SMEs (see below) who are working together on the development of a complete ambulatory device, based on a single optical fiber containing multiple sensing points (using the fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology), embedded in a patch, and placed at the back of a T-shirt. In order to provide measurements during daily life activities, a smart interrogator is also being developed - it is small, lightweight, has low power consumption, and can be attached to the belt.

The other advantages of the SAMBASOFT project solution are low power consumption for use spanning several days, easy integration of many electrically passive sensors (use of light) in a patch, easy adaptation to different morphologies, and high comfort for patients.

How Sambasoft works

Sambasoft: Low Back Pain Monitoring The picture on the right shows the position of the 5 fiber Bragg gratings, which are sensors allowing the monitoring of the spine's position in real time. The left picture represents a scheme of the smart textile, composed of an embedded optical fiber with fiber Bragg gratings in a patch.

Development and SmartX support

SmartX support will allow the consortium to develop the complete solution, combining textile, optical fiber, and advanced electronics. This involves the integration of the FBGs in a dedicated textile for accurate positioning over the spine, integration of the interrogation unit in a small box that can be anchored on the belt, and integration of signal analysis into a user-friendly reading for doctors or nurses.

Meet the team

SAMBASOFT is a joint project by three SMEs: B-SENS from Belgium, Somni Solutions from the Netherlands, and Elasta from Belgium.

B-SENS team from Belgium, the leading SME on the SAMBASOFT project

Somni team

Sensors for the project are provided by Somni from the Netherlands.

Elasta facilities

Weaving facilities at Belgian textile manufacturer Elasta

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