Project Description

Seat Mat by Sensing Tex focuses on the prevention of pressure ulcers of wheelchair users. 

How the Seat Mat works

The Seat Mat system is based on delivering qualitative raw data to recognize high-quality magnitudes from pressure maps by using the latest data analytics. The data is used for tracking postural analysis of wheelchair users, detecting hotspots, and recommending repositioning. 

Future development of Seat Mat 

The objective of the Seat Mat project has been to develop a white label-certified product based on the current version (TRL7) of the Seating Mat dev kit 1.8 to be used in wheelchairs for pressure injury prevention as the main vertical application, called the Seat Mat (TRL8). The new system is going to be launched at the beginning of September 2021.

Seat Mat for Wheelchairs app

The Seat Mat system is designed for the prevention of pressure ulcers of wheelchair users.

Seat Mat for Wheelchairs hardware

Hardware components of the Seat Mat

Meet the team

Sensing Tex from Barcelona, Spain specialises in developing end-to-end solutions for sports, wellness, and healthcare sectors. It is led by CEO Miguel Ridao, who has over 17 years of experience in the business of textile and electronic technology. He is an inventor, holds several patents, has lectured worldwide, published articles, and won several awards for accomplishments in technology and business. CTO Luis Gomez has developed various programming tools to increase productivity. At Sensing Tex, he leads the company’s engineering department, managing both hardware and software divisions.
Miguel Ridao, CEO of Sensing Tex

Seat Mat is developed by Spanish SME Sensing Tex, led by inventor and lecturer Miguel Ridao.

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