Project Description

Nova by SenseGlove is a glove that offers sensorial feedback for VR training. SenseGlove allows to feel shapes, textures, stiffness, impacts and resistance of any virtual object, so that you can experience digital worlds through intuitive real-world behaviour.


How SenseGlove works

SenseGlove is a wearable force and haptic feedback glove. With advanced motion tracking for each hand joint, along with the company’s patented force-feedback system – inspired by the human tendons system – it enables the user to feel the stiffness and size of virtual objects. Every interaction using Sense Glove renders a virtual reality to feel like a physical real-world environment. This translation is a game-changer in training, simulation, and design tasks within VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Today, the product is used to increase the effectiveness of virtual training for clients like Volkswagen, Airbus, Scania, Honda, Cambridge University, TNO, Fraunhofer, Siemens, and many more. SenseGlove use case: drill
SenseGlove use case: welder

Two industrial use cases for Nova

Current development of SenseGlove

Based on the success of the initial DK1 Glove, which featured an exoskeleton form factor, SenseGlove is currently finalising the development of SenseGlove Nova, with a textile “softglove” base, made to provide comfort and ease of use. This textile softglove is developed in collaboration with its SmartX project partner Select and is designed to interface seamlessly with SenseGlove’s unique functionalities: tracking, vibrotactile feedback, and force feedback. SmartX supports the optimal integration in the glove of smart textiles with embedded sensors and conductive yarn. The team is also developing a hardware-softglove interface that allows the user to detach and wash or replace the softglove.  SenseGlove use case: steering wheel SenseGlove logo

Meet the team

SenseGlove from Delft in the Netherlands originates from the graduation project of its two founders, Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter, at the Delft University of Technology. The core technology of SenseGlove was developed as part of these projects. The company itself was born in 2017, when the first haptic VR use-case was made. Since then, the SenseGlove team has created and developed scalable and plain solutions for complex digital interactions with user-driven technology that feels real and accessible to every professional.
SenseGlove Team

The SenseGlove Team

Project Partner: Select from Germany

Select Fashion is a prototyping shop for knitted textiles, developing technical textiles for the medical and military market. With a collection of Stoll, Shima Seiki and Universal knitting machines, Select produces cut-proof, bullet-proof, and shrapnel-proof clothing. This expertise in rugged construction translates well into the virtual training market, with a knowledge of designing patterns that can handle the rough life of an industrial training textile. Select has also branched out into the production of knitted smart textiles – producing a self-warming shirt, and prototypes with embedded sensors and actuators. Select Fashion: SenseGlove Partner Connect with SenseGlove and Select in our member community (login required).


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