Project Description

SENSOMUSCLE is an innovative electrostimulation device that, together with smart sport garments with sensors and electrodes embedded, can be used in the process of relaxation and muscle recovery after sports training, as if it were a physiotherapist.

Athletes need the right tools to ensure that they can control the entire cycle of sports activity. One of the current weak elements of the market is the muscle recovery process. Health is also measured by the time it takes to recover after an effort: if the recovery takes a short time, it means that our body is prepared to face another "battle" again. Just as there are aids to improve training, there are also aids and tips to improve and accelerate recovery, so athletes can train again sooner.


The electrostimulation device is focused on muscle recovery and designed with athletes in mind.


The device is composed of two modules: a textile part formed by conductive silver fabric and another part formed by electrostimulation electronics.

  1. Put on the sportswear with patches.
  2. Wet the electrostimulation patches.
  3. Connect the electronics to the snaps of the garment and connect the electrostimulation electronics with the mobile app via BLE. And in the mobile app select the desired training program.

Current development and SmartX support

The project owner is developing a compressive mesh for the arm and the leg after the sports training, along with a “friendly” app to control it. SmartX support has allowed them to improve and advance 360 ​​feedback throughout development with the goal of launching the product.

The main objective of the SmartX support is to provide the opportunity to be present in a deeply international context in the field of smart textiles. It will help fund the last part of the development process and get the device ready for market launch. This includes improving original prototypes, updating the app, manufacturing a pilot line, defining a commercial strategy & obtaining a CE marking certification.
SENSOMUSCLE development

Austral is developing a compressive mesh for the arm and the leg after the sports training, along with a “friendly” app to control it.

Meet the team

SENSOMUSCLE is developed by Spanish SME International Austral Sport S.A. The company was founded in 1976 with two people in a small 30 m2 office and is currently one of the five largest sportswear firms in Spain. Austral is one of the oldest companies in the Spanish sports sector and the only one with its magnitude that today carries out all its production in Spain.

Since its beginnings, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing and marketing of sportswear, in addition to participating in major events such as Olympics, basketball leagues, cycling, etc. Austral is actively committed to social responsibility, haven undertaken important projects in this area. 


In addition, Austral will collaborate with Aitex, a textile research institute with a vast experience in smart textiles. Its main research lines in this field include the development of IoT sensors and wearables, like accelerometers integrated into garments.

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