Project Description

SENSOMUSCLE is an easy-to-use electrostimulation device focused on muscle recovery and designed with athletes in mind.


A set of electrodes embedded in sportswear and operated by a smartphone app provide electrostimulation to help in the process of relaxation and muscle recovery after sports training and competitions. Acting as a physiotherapist, the solution aims to shorten recovery time, helping athletes return to training sooner and better control the entire cycle of sports activity.
SENSOMUSCLE Electrostimulation Device

The electrostimulation device is focused on muscle recovery and designed with athletes in mind.

Development and SmartX support

In individual sports such as triathlon, tennis, swimming, etc. few athletes can afford a physiotherapist to accompany them in all events and training sessions. SENSOMUSCLE aims to remedy that by providing a user-friendly device for muscle recovery: one that is affordable, easy to carry, and operated without cables. SmartX support will help fund the last part of the development process and get the device ready for market launch. This includes improving original prototypes, updating the app, manufacturing a pilot line, defining a commercial strategy, and obtaining a CE marking certification.
SENSOMUSCLE Electrostimulation Device

SENSOMUSCLE provides a user-friendly solution for muscle recovery: affordable, easy to carry, cable-free.

Meet the team

SENSOMUSCLE is developed by Spanish SME Austral.

The company was founded in 1976 by Eduardo de Pablo and continues to be a family owned and operated business. Austral focuses primarily on custom apparel for teams, clubs, and organizations. It is this focus that has resulted in many industry firsts, such as an online order system, previously unheard of low minimums, and cutting-edge production technologies. Austral handcrafts all of their custom garments entirely in Spain, maintaining 100% control over everything.

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