Project Description

SWEMAX by Biometrica is a wearable real-time monitoring system of sweat and salt loss, based on a biosensor and integrated into textile fibres.

How SWEMAX works

The device performs electrochemical analysis of sweat in real time. SWEMAX is based on a smart shirt (or other suitable garment) with a read-out electronics connected to a textile patch containing an innovative biosensor. The electronic component communicates biological data in real-time to the SWEMAX app on the user's smartphone. Thanks to this data on sweat, it is possible to optimize hydration and salts reintegration, improving fitness condition and preparation for competitive events. Designed for sports applications, in particular athletes, the SWEMAX wearable biosensor aims to reduce the state of exhaustion due to dehydration and loss of salts during training and physical activity.

Developing SWEMAX

In the first three months of development, SWEMAX creators improved electronics, reduced dimensions, and expanded data storage. The biosensor patch was enhanced in terms of sensitivity and stability, and the perfect-fit T-shirt designed to hold the electronic system. Additionally, various prototypes were tested with athletes. Using Smart X funding, the existing prototype has been developed to a market-ready solution by further improving the electronics, patch, T-shirt, and software. The system is being continuously tested with professional athletes and in expert centres for sports analysis. A worldwide marketing activity has also been launched to sell the product to the endurance athletes’ segment.

The electronic component of SWEMAX communicates biological data in real-time to a smartphone app.

Meet the team

SWEMAX is developed by Italian technological start-up Biometrica, in partnership with two SMEs: Staff Jersey (also from Italy) and Worldklaas from Belgium.

Biometrica is devoted to the production of innovative biosensors for the analysis of human sweat. In 2019, the company was named “Best Biotechnological Start-up“ by the Mister consortium. Staff Jersey from Carpi provides high-quality fabrics for the textile industry. Their sports division is equipped with seamless machines of different gauges for the development of hi-tech and high-quality seamless garments. Worldklaas is a leading company in business development and marketing, providing comprehensive market analyses and information about technical products. SWEMAX team SWEMAX team
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