Recap: Textile Innovation Day & SmartX Regional Event Italy

Recap: Textile Innovation Day & SmartX Regional Event Italy

Speakers at SmartX Regional Event Italy

The SmartX Italy speakers: Alessia Moltani (Comftech), Francesco Galliani (Comec Innovative), Indro Cacioli (Remmy), Pierluigi Lodi Rizzini (Biometrica), Mauro Sampellegrini (Sistema Moda Italia), Daniele De Rosa (Extris), Marco Bardelle (Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 – Pointex), Paola Fontana (Città Studi – Pointex), Jennifer Tata (Martur Italy), Pier Ettore Pellerey (Città Studi – Pointex) and Ettore Piacenza (Fratelli Piacenza – Pointex)

The Italian SmartX Dissemination event was held on April 12th, 2022 as an in-person event that was introduced by Marco Bardelle, (Tintoria Finissaggio 2000, past President of the Steering Committee) and Ettore Piacenza (Fratelli Piacenza, new President of the Steering Committee), after the General Assembly. During the event, the results of the three successful smart textile projects from Italy were presented to an audience of 65 participants.Paola Fontana | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Paola Fontana, Project and R&D Manager at Città Studi –, presented the SmartX project and the SmartX community, with a short focus on all the funded projects. The official video of SmartX was shown too.

Project presentations of the Italian projects

The three Italian projects were presented by SMEs, and all the prototypes were shown.

Alessia Moltani | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Alessia Moltani (ComfTech) presented the BODEE project: Wearable monitoring devices.

Pierluigi Lodi Rizzini | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Pierluigi Lodi Rizzini (Biometrica – Staff Jersey) presented the SWEMAX project: Textile technology for moisture control.

Indro Cacioli | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Indro Cacioli (Remmy), with Michele Servalli (Remmy) and Riccardo Marchesi (Knitronix) presented the CLOSE’N’COOL project: Detection systems for the safety and comfort of children in the car.

Presentations of three projects developed by members

The second part of the event was dedicated to the companies that work in smart textiles, with three presentations from them.

Additionally, an overview of the EU funding opportunities for textile companies was given, together with the opportunities offered by the ICT Cluster and with a focus on the Services for Research and Open Innovation.

Daniele De Rosa | SmartX Regional Event Italy
Daniele De Rosa (Extris) presented “Materials and assembly techniques for the production of electrochromic yarns.”

The CEO of Extris confirmed that the project had completed its theoretical phase and is now in the experimental phase. It envisions the production of electrochromic yarns to obtain a new concept of electrochromic fabric by means of a traditional weaving process.

Francesco Galliani | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Francesco Galliani (Comec Innovative) presented “Aerosol Jet Printing: the new frontiers of 3D printing for wearable devices.” This technology has extremely interesting applications, and can be used in  capacitive antennas and sensors and in miniaturised 3d printing: it allows to print directly on the substate, with no need for other antennas or sensors, and can be applied to different materials.

Jennifer Tata | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Jennifer Tata (Martur Italy) presented “Intelligent yarns for fabrics in the automotive sector.” The project presented by Ms. Tata is focused on the study of fiber-shaped piezo-resistive pressure/temperature sensors able to measure important biometric parameters (i.e. heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature) of vehicle occupants. The project won the “IR20” Piemonte Innovation and Research 2020 award for the Green Economy sector in the Senior Company category.

Chiara Ferroni | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Chiara Ferroni (ICT Cluster – Torino Wireless) presented “Smart Textiles: results and opportunities with the ICT Cluster.”

Lutz Walter | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Lutz Walter (European Textile Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles & Clothing, and Project coordinator of SmartX) presented “EU funding opportunities for Textile companies.”

Mauro Sampellegrini | SmartX Regional Event Italy

Mauro Sampellegrini (Sistema Moda Italia) presented “Services for Research and Open Innovation” offered by Sistema Moda Italia, defining some useful tools to „measure the innovation“ by using specific Key Performance Indicators.

The registrations of the event (in Italian) are available at the following links:

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Further Information about the funded projects can be found in the Showroom on our website

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This event has been organised by Città Studi – in collaboration with SmartX and Textile ETP.