Recap: SmartX Regional Event Sweden

Recap: SmartX Regional Event Sweden

On March 17, 2022, our Swedish programme partner Smart Textiles by Science Park Borås hosted an online dissemination event, featuring two SmartX programme winners and expert presentations on smart textile innovations.

In total, there were 38 participants from both the Academy and companies operating in several industry sectors, such as textile, health care, and automotive. The event revealed a wealth of inspiring content and great results from the showcased projects.

The event also gave an insight into what is happening on the national arena of smart textiles, including research characterized by cross-border collaboration between different disciplines, with a clear goal of developing new generations of smart textile products to benefit the society.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, intitial plans for an in-person event in Stockholm had to be replaced with an online event. The idea then was to create a TV programme atmosphere.

SmartX Regional Event Sweden

The online event had the atmosphere of a TV programme.

The speakers and topics included:

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SmartX Regional Event: Sweden presenters

SmartX Sweden Moderator Marie Widén and Business Innovation Coordinator Lena-Marie Jensen (image courtesy of Smart Textiles by Science Park Borås)

Airbag Jeans | SmartX Regional Event Sweden

Moses Shahrivar presenting Airbag Motorcycle Jeans, one of the SmartX-funded projects from Sweden.